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3 ways to express our concept of fashion

The company's flagship collections are born from the Partex experience and our in-depth knowledge of the market: the Timeless, the Eco and the Capsule. 


- Revolutionary Classicism

Romantic by definition, Timeless includes all the Partex manifesto products.
Fabrics and materials that go through history while remaining true to themselves, innovated and perfected with ultramodern technologies, made immortal by our love for tradition.

Eco collection

- In defense of the environment

Our eco-sustainable line of entirely organic, vegan and recycled materials. For the harmony and balance of our planet, from our socially conscious approach generates this collection projected towards the future.
Thinking green is an effort that does not weigh.

Capsule collection

– Modern trends need modern techniques

Capsule is daring without closure, it is taking possession of the element thanks to a widespread knowledge of fashion. Manipulation, lamination, embossing, Capsules is our way of shaping the material in a manner innovative e market oriented.

"Fashion is like music, there are many notes that you have to know how to play, we all have to create our music".