Our Journey

Partex Group is an Italian company that converts materials and fabrics that guarantees supplies to players in the Italian and international fashion industry.
Since 1970 we have built a deep bond with the production chain, based on mutual trust and respect, professionalism and fairness. With the national artisan elite we share the common ambition of packaging a product that complies with excellent quality standards.

Proud supporters 
of Made in Italy.

We profess to be proud exponents of the Italian textile industry. Ours is a territory rich in resources, human and professional before being material, a socio-cultural context in which ideas and values proliferate, characterized by a strenuous aptitude for work and a marked propensity for sacrifice. 

In this fertile reality, of which Partex pursues the ambition of being an ambassador in the world, our company was born and grew.

Fabrics in a sustainable harmony

Over the past decade, part of our efforts have been devoted to developing more responsible production models

We have made this necessary choice, with all the trappings of an investment destined for the future, of our reality as well as of our planet

Today we are at the forefront of promoting change, with our research team focused on reducing the environmental impact of materials and related production processes.